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Welcome to Genomic Health's Grant Request and Administration site. We’re dedicated to improving the quality of cancer treatment decisions through our genomic-based clinical laboratory services.

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 About Grants Program

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the volume of applications we receive and the detailed review and approval process, we can only accept grant applications for events that occur more than 90 days from your submission date.

Genomic Health Inc. is committed to contributing to the best interests of both cancer patients and the medical professionals who treat them. Through our grant and charitable contribution programs, Genomic Health supports a variety of organizations and initiatives to enhance medical and patient education and further clinical research.

To receive funding, those grants requests that align with the company's focused initiatives are given careful consideration.

Our Focus Areas Include:
  • Breast, Colon, Prostate and Renal Cancers
  • Patient and Community Education & Support
  • Health Science Education

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Healthcare and patient-related organizations can submit requests through this site for the following types of grant support from Genomic Health:

Charitable Contributions

We provide charitable contributions to a variety of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations for:

  • Projects and educational programs that support our focused areas of oncology, including improving the lives of patients, furthering research and education efforts. Programs that seek to raise awareness of oncologic treatments, and that provide resources and improved care to patients and their loved ones.
  • Oncology research grants to provide support for research initiatives dedicated to the fight against cancer.


Genomic Health may issue grants in support of independent, educational, scientific, or policymaking conferences which promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of effective health care. These educational programs typically include conferences sponsored by national, regional, or specialty medical associations, conferences sponsored by accredited continuing medical education providers, programs provided by nonprofit health care institutions, and grand rounds.

Genomic Health may also issue grants to educational or training institutions in support of educational activities or efforts not related to a specific educational conference, for example, grants to an educational institution to be utilized for the purchase of educational materials.

Genomic Health may issue a grant in support of third party educational conferences only when:

  • The gathering is primarily dedicated to promoting objective scientific and educational activities and discourse; and
  • The training institution or the conference sponsor selects the attending health care professionals.

In these cases, the grant recipient will be solely responsible for, and control the selection of, program content, faculty, educational methods, and/or educational materials or activities, as applicable.

Funding Restrictions

In general, Genomic Health does not provide funding for the following requests through its grants or charitable contributions programs:

  • Advertising journals or booklets
  • Alumni drives or scholarships
  • Capital campaigns/building funds
  • Medical Education Conference Attendance
  • Tournaments
  • Individual healthcare professional projects
  • Infrastructural requests (e.g. salaries, equipment)
  • Memorial funds
  • Religious organizations
  • Sponsorships of walk/runs, galas and fundraising events such as golf
To request a grant, follow these easy steps:
  1. To begin, you first register as a user of this site, and have the following information ready:
    • Email address
    • Identifier or license number if you are a healthcare provider
    • Electronic W8 or W9 to upload, as applicable
    • Tax ID
    • Documentation of charitable status, as applicable
    • Organizational information (address, remit to, contacts, website, etc.)
  2. After you are registered, log-in and create your grant request.
  3. After submitting your request, use this site to check the status of your request, provide documentation, and submit invoices.
All grant applications must be submitted directly to Genomic Health by the requesting organization through this site. Genomic Health employees, agents and contractors may not use this site or other means to assist or facilitate the request of a grant in any way.

Genomic Health will only consider charitable contribution requests from nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax exempt, public charities under sections 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are located in the United States.

Privacy Statement
By submitting a grant proposal through this Grants site, you are providing personally identifying information and other confidential information to Genomic Health Inc. (GHI). Please read this statement carefully as it explains GHI’s processing of such information.

GHI collects identifying information about you and your organization in order to validate the status of your organization and its eligibility for a grant (e.g., by collecting its TID number and other non-profit status documentation). GHI also collects information about you to track your request, and if you are a physician, GHI collects your NPI number. GHI uses this information only to process and evaluate your grant proposal. GHI shares this information with third party service providers only to process your grant proposal, and does not sell this information to any third parties. GHI uses industry standard administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect your information. If you have any questions about GHI privacy practices relating to your grant proposal submission, please contact GHI at

If you have any questions about the online request process, or about the types of programs for which the Genomic Health will provide funding, please contact us at